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Spa Packages

La Jeunesse Royale (Ultimate Anti-Ageing)

The ultimate combination for anti-ageing to increase collagen production, including four Micro-Dermabrasions with Omnilux Light Therapy and a combination of three Transformation peels or DaVinci skin needling treatments.

L’Escape Voyage

Aquamedic pool and steam, vichy shower, swedish massage, instant firming facial,
spa manicure and pedicure, scalp ritual, shampoo, blow wave and gourmet lunch. 7.5 hrs

La Princess Classique

Aquamedic pool and steam, swedish massage, classic facial, gourmet lunch and dessert, manicure and pedicure with paraffin, shampoo blow-wave and make-up. 6.5 hrs

La Lumiere

Aquamedic pool and steam, swedish massage, classic facial, gourmet lunch, pedicure, shampoo blow-wave. 5.5 hrs

Le Prince Royale… Just For Him

Aquamedic pool and steam, swedish massage, classic facial, gourmet lunch and scalp massage. 4.5 hrs

Le Social Spa-ing

Aquamedic pool and steam, choice of; swedish massage, classic facial or pedicure and cheese and wine. Available to groups of 4 or more (price per person). 3 hrs


Aquamedic Pool & Steam

A Gillian Adams exclusive. Experience a circuit of gentle hydrotherapy, invigorating pressure point massage and reflexology jets. The pool features ozonated water which rehydrates and oxygenates the body easing muscular tension giving you a total sense of wellbeing. 50 mins

Vichy Shower

Our signature treatment features water therapy and massage performed simultaneously. You undergo total exfoliation followed by a relaxing body massage using warm coconut oil while you float in bliss. Our Vichy shower is the ultimate and one that everyone needs to experience. 50 mins

Exotic Body Ritual

A body exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalize the body. After light body brushing warm frangipani oil drenches the skin to nourish while lime and ginger exfoliation smooths the body. The experience completes with an exotic facial and full body massage. 110 mins

Full Body Facial

Give your body all the benefits of a facial. Start with a cleansing body exfoliation; Then experience a deluxe facial while cocooned in an essential oil and clay mask, completed with either a slimming or nourishing body balm. 80 mins

Mother To Be Experience

This luxurious face and body treatment includes a comforting tummy mask that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, plus enjoy a full body prenatal massage and skin brightening facial. 110 mins

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

A must have body treatment to revive, nourish and disperse cellulite using warm fragrant oil,
toning salt scrub and a nourishing body balm. 50 mins

Full Body Exfoliation

Great on its own to increase circulation and skin renewal. Perfect to add to the beginning
of any treatment. 20 mins

Swedish Massage

A nurturing classic massage promoting relaxation and well-being.

Remedial Massage

A therapeutic deep tissue massage to relieve tension and improve joint and muscular flexibility.

Pregnancy Massage

This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of touch, working with
two heartbeats as one. 50 mins

Warmstone Massage

The skilled combination of warmstones and manual massage gives ultimate relaxation. 50 mins

Specialty Massage

Available on request: Aromatherapy or Lymphatic drainage massage. 50mins


Le Classic Facial

Personalised skin consultation, deep cleanse and hydration to brighten your complexion. 50 mins

Warmstone Collagen Facial

The highlight of this facial is the collagen mask and the use of volcanic stones for deep relaxation and anti-ageing. 80 mins

Supreme Sea Creation Facial

Immerse yourself in an ocean of luxury that can turn back time. This signature experience is designed to slow down the ageing process showing both immediate and long-term results. Pearl proteins and green algae are used to restore and enhance the structure of the skin creating a firm, radiant and enviable complexion. 110 mins

Sea Creation Facial

Showcasing exclusive marine-derived active ingredients, this personalized facial targets elasticity, tone and radiance. Instantly you will see and feel a revitalized visage. 70 mins

Reversive Signature Facial

Ultilising the healing and restorative benefits of Black Rose extract, this treatment actively firms the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 80 mins

Back to Front Facial

A personalised result focused experience, starting with a complete back treatment before progressing to a deluxe facial targeting your specific concerns. 80 mins

Ultimate Firming Facial

This is a deluxe facial specifically designed as a deep lifting treatment that will help lengthen the life of your skin’s DNA and slow down the natural ageing process. 80 mins

Instant Firming Facial

See an instant lift with the use of advanced formulations to encourage healthy skin structure and a toned, firm complexion. 50 mins

Age Intervention Regeneration Facial

An intensive resurfacing and rejuvenating facial uses a combination of antioxidants, peptides and glycolic acids. Your skin will feel firmer, smoother and healthier. 50 mins

Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial

This facial provides immediate rejuvenation benefits for all skin types. Skin will appear brighter, firmer, lifted and contoured. 50 mins

Emerge Fractional Laser Facial

Palomar Emerge™ Fractional Laser is the highest standard in resurfacing to repair damage, accelerate cell turnover and dramatically improve the health of the skin. Fractional laser uses cutting edge technology and is the smart and proven approach to delivering results for the following skin conditions: fine lines, wrinkles, acne and surgical scarring, melasma, sun damage, irregular texture and stretchmarks. This unique procedure allows the body’s natural healing process to create new healthy tissue to promote a younger looking skin. This treatment includes a relaxing arm and neck massage, laser resurfacing treatment and concludes with a hyaluronic mask to cool and hydrate the skin. Followed by a relaxing tea in our secluded garden courtyard.Personalised packages available.

Da Vinci Facial / Dermaroller Supreme

Clinically proven to be the most effective non-surgical technique for stimulating collagen and elastin fibers, you can expect 200-1000% increase in your own collagen and elastin after a course of treatments. 50 mins


Microdermabrasion produces instant, visible results, smoothing the surface of the skin, renewing collagen production and enhancing cellular communication using the most advanced preventative and manual face lifting techniques. 50 mins

Facial Peels

Facial peels instantly resurface and smooth the skin. A thorough consultation will reveal
the appropriate peel for you to target blemishes, uneven skin tone, fine lines and the effects
of ageing. 50 mins

Omnilux Medical Light Treatment

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, which energises and repairs damaged cells, encouraging more efficient production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Shampoo & Style

Shampoo blow-wave
After colour blow-wave
Straightening or curling iron after blow-wave
Bridal upstyle

Shampoo, Cut & Style

Ladies shampoo, cut and blow-wave
Mens hair cut
Tertiary cut and style (Age 18-22, college/university ID required)
Student cut and style (Years 7-12)
Infant cut and style from (up to year 6)
Fringe trim (complimentary service for regular clients)

Permanent Straightening & Curling

Permanent curl or wave
Keratin straightening

Colour Techniques

Permanent colour plus gloss
Semi permanent colour
Permanent colour regrowth only
Permanent colour part line
Creative colour (e.g ballayage, ombre )
Colour camo (men)
Highlights ½ head
Highlights full head
Individual highlights
Pre bleach
Toner with colour service
Toner without colour service

Hair Spa Treatments

Factor G6 Hair Recovery (micro-needling) Treatment
Shu Uemura Scalp Ritual 30mins
Kerastase Personalised Ritual

Makeup & Waxing



Create a flawless finish for every occasion.

Event Make-up 60 mins
Event Make-up with party lashes 60 mins
Make-up Lesson
Bridal Make-up 60 mins
Eyelash Extensions
– silk full set 60 mins
– infills

Waxing / Tinting

Spa Manicure 50mins
Spa Pedicure 50mins
Paraffin hand or foot treatment
Eyebrow and lip
Eyebrow shape and tint
Eyelash/eyebrow tint
Hollywood brows
½ leg
Full leg
High bikini

Custom Bespoke Tan

SprayToniqs™ offers more than 54 bespoke tan combinations to address individual skin type and skin tone variations to ensure the perfect tan every time.

Tan only
Body scrub and tan